Donations/Tributes - In order for us both to be at ease legally, It is important that you do not discuss money with me.  Have your donation ready in an unsealed envelope visible to me at the beginning of the date.  The best place to leave it is on the bathroom counter so I can wash my hands and prepare for you simultaneously.  It is in very poor taste to make me ask for the donation and will start our date off on the wrong note.  

Pre-Booking - I offer incentives if you are interested in pre booking through Venmo.  This amount will be credited to your donation.  

Credit Cards - I do accept credit cards from repeat clients for a 4% fee.  The charge will appear as "AOC Consulting".  For NO fee I DO accept Venmo, and I will allow Venmo with cash donations (50/50) from first time clients.

Overnight Appointments - Requires six hours of uninterrupted sleep and one meal.  Overnight appointments are 12-14 hours long and the client is expected to handle all expenses. 

Pacific Northwest Excursion? - If you want to take me camping or sailing I require a bit more screening information and a minimum 40% deposit.  Serious inquiries only.

Fly Me To You - Requires a deposit of round-trip airfare plus 25% of the date.  The deposit must be cleared before I book my flight.  This service is reserved for clients interested in long appointments.

Hygiene - Make sure to be showered recently with fresh breath before our date starts.  A shower, clean towels, and mouthwash will be available if you need it.  I will always be clean and ready to go upon arrival.  If you need me to avoid makeup or perfume, let me know ahead of time.

Cancellations - If you cancel 48 hours in advance I will refund your deposit as a one time courtesy.  If you cancel "last minute" I will reserve it for the next time you book an appointment with me.

I will sign non-disclosure agreements.

Nothing illegal is contracted for or requested to be contracted for.

I do NOT provide escorting services.