Originally drawn to the Pacific Northwest by a fascination with boats, I aim to cure my endless wanderlust by one day sailing around the world. Lately, I've been spending a lot of time in the kayak or hiking across a new park just enjoying the flora. Staying active is important to me, though I have kept a very soft and Rubenesque body perfect for intimate moments. This summer I took a motorcycle all the way from Detroit to Portland, camping out in national parks almost the entire way. I settled in there but have been coming to Seattle a few times a month to meet clients and check out the scenery near Puget Sound. When I'm not working my day job in the cannabis industry, I dream about opening up a little cafe where I can serve up my favorite beverage that is coffee. At night it's always exciting to become a more seductive and provocative version of myself. I really enjoy the company of men, whether it's behind closed doors, or sauntering around the city together. I'm always down to go to an art show or a sporting event, but experience the same amount of joy staying inside to play house. You will find me to be a domestic goddess offering my best hospitality. It's such a pleasure to meet interesting and knowledgeable people. Here's to being captivated in your aura for a little while.